Request support in a minute or less. And move on.


Save Time. Save Effort. Lose the hassle.

Get account and technical support for your purchased products and services in a flash. A single "message" from your device enables your vendor to get your job done. And you don't even have to interrupt your day.

Avoid the hassle of calling a call center, digging up your receipts and spending time on phone trying to get it done. Avoid navigating complicated online menus of your vendor's websites.

NoCallSupport™ empowers you to initiate an "offline" support request which contains everything your vendor needs to complete the request and to email you a confirmation when done.

NoCallSupport uses Intrepids, a new technology that enables business and individual consumers to store their data within encrypted, structured files that are stored only on their devices, PCs and cellphones. When they need it, they simply upload this data to businesses of their choice. None of your Intrepids are stored on Intrep-id and related sites. Our family of services may retain parts of your interaction with us to provide you the services you want.

Use NoCallSupport to:

  • Make an address change
  • Change your autopay if your credit card changes
  • Get warranty support on a dead appliance.
  • Report service outages
  • Get tech support specific to your needs
  • ... hundreds more ...

The applications can be as rich and varied as your vendor/merchant chooses to provide. NoCallSupport enables such interactions with a secure process that keeps you in control.





Common Problems in Support Provisioning

Consumer Facing

  • Finding service data - missing receipts, product ids etc.
  • Wasting time on hold
  • Painful authentication mechanisms
  • Allocating at least half an hour to a support request
  • Navigating complicated websites

NoCallSupport Process:

  • With your permission, your merchant sends us your transaction data.
  • NoCallSupport converts the data into an encrypted electronic reciept (aka Support Intrepid).
  • The Support Intrepid is emailed to you.
  • You name and store these receipts on your device for easy access later.
  • When looking for support on this product, you simply "drop" the specific Support Intrepid on NoCallSupport.
  • NoCallSupport decrypts it and forwards the data to your merchant, along with your instructions.
  • You get an email when the support request is completed.

How it works

NoCallSupport is a new service and we are educating and recruiting both users and merchants. NoCallSupport is an application of Intrep-id (aka Intrepid) technology, a new way to empower consumers to manage their own data. Please visit the Intrepid website for more information and to review other useful applications for consumers. These are just starters. There will be many more.

Your NoCallSupport Use Case

Creating a Support Intrepid

  • You are about to purchase some service or product, either online or in a physical store.
  • If you are at a participating merchant website, next to your account form, you will notice a link to NoCallSupport Receipt. In a physical store, the merchant clerk may prompt you about Intrepids.
  • You complete your transaction as normal (you might use other Intrepids to assist you in this).
  • When complete, simply click "Submit and Send NoCallSupport Receipt"
  • The merchant will complete your transaction and send the acccount and product information to NoCallSupport.
  • NoCallSupport saves some of this information, encrypts all of it in a Support Intrepid and emails it to you.
  • Data saved at NoCallSupport:
    • Your Email - encrypted, used only for transaction validation
    • Your CellPhoneNumber - encrypted, used only for transaction validation
    • Purchased Item Name - enables your NoCallSupport functions
    • Purchase Date - enables your NoCallSupport functions
    • Purchase Price - enables your NoCallSupport functions
    • Name of Merchant - enables your NoCallSupport functions
    • Last 4 of CC used in transaction - enables NoCallSupport "fix my autopay" function

Using a Support Intrepid

  • When you receive the Support Intrepid, you save it along with your other Intrepids on your device/s.
  • When you require support, you visit NoCallSupport and provide the specific Support Intrepid.
  • You select the support you need and provide additional information as needed.
  • Your request is transmitted securely to the vendor who responds to you in email when the request is completed.
  • If your initial Support Intrepid is updated as a result of this transaction, a new Support Intrepid is sent to you.
  • All NoCallSupport transactional user data used is discarded when the request is submitted. All of it except as above.

NoCallSupport Support

If you wish to receive any support from NoCallSupport, you can create a NoCallSupport Support Intrepid for yourself from the NoCallSupport site. Simply follow the same process as above to get support from us.

NoCallSupport Fees

NoCallSupport is free to consumers. Get Involved if you like the idea of being in control of your own data.

Get Support the way you want it

Questions? E-Mail: customer-services at or call 512.478.3112.